Whether your goal is to promote public
awareness for your corporate and legislative
interests, improve your relation with key decisionmakers in government, push certain
legislation or regulatory policies, build coalitions with various civil society groups or enhance public image, Stratbase customizes its service to suit your corporate or sectoral needs.

Our brand of advocacy involves the process
of gathering relevant information
and establishing strategic networks
to instigate changes in political
and policy direction.

Research, Information and Networks are strategically used to instigate
changes in political and policy directions.
Political Management
Our knowledge of the government and the ability to establish
strategic communications network with policy and decision makers
ensure that our clients' voices are heard.
Investment Advising
Stratbase creates investment opportunities and provides innovative
solutions for its clients.
Public Advocacy
Stratbase is dedicated to providing clients with focused and cost effective
advocacy at both the national and local government levels.
Strategic Research
Client strategies are crafted based on our knowledge of the issues, as well
as our understanding of the target audience, their policies
and their positions on the issue.