Stratbase builds and manages politically
potent coalitions on high visibility issues.
We help clients navigate through the maze
of governmental red tape and
bureaucratic confusion.

Stratbase is dedicated to providing clients
with focused and cost effective advocacy
at both the national and of local
government levels.

Political Management
Investment Advising
Strategic Research
Our advocacy approach is founded in the discipline of a political campaign.
Rapid response and crisis management are part of the daily reality, wherein
acting with speed, clarity and purpose are requirements for success. Whether
advocating for a new legislative priority, reforms for good governance, and
other corporate goals, Stratbase’s Government Relations Team has the
experience and the proven capabilities to make business and politics work.
From the initial planning stages through implementation and execution, Stratbase Media’s seasoned veterans work side-by-side with our clients to achieve their goals. Our team has a proven record of identifying the important stakeholders and decision-makers, crafting a strong message, creating momentum, producing awareness, shaping public opinion and ultimately delivering the desired results. Our proven tactics are designed to raise awareness and motivate key people to act. We know the system inside-out. It is not formulaic and in the box approach, but a process based and honed by impeccable research, effective communication, and our solid corporate government and campaign experience.

What we do best:

> Presentation and articulation of client's issues and concerns to Congress, executive agencies and local government units

> Advocacy for client’s interests in key legislative committees and other government regulatory bodies

> Facilitation of meetings and briefing with key members of Congress, officials of executive agencies and local government units

> Develop effective issue advocacy campaigns designed to mobilize public support

> Building and strengthening of political and social relationship with government agencies and civil society groups