Stratbase advances client objectives in the
legislative and executive branches and
ensures that client messages and
communications are heard
powerfully and effectively.

Our knowledge of the inner workings of
government and our ability to communicate
directly with policy and decision makers
ensure that our clients' voices are heard.

We identify government business
opportunities; gather critical intelligence,
develop relationships in key departments
and agencies, enhance client visibility
and corporate image to guide
success in the public sector.

Investment Advising
Public Advocacy
Strategic Research
Stratbase’s Political Management and Government Relations Team is
composed of top-of-the-line campaign strategists, media, academic, and
non-government professionals and former government officials,
all with extensive experience at every level of government.
Our approach to political management integrate government relations and political counsel to influence top decision-makers. Our counsel starts with research to determine where decision-makers stand and how people respond to various facts and positions in order to craft compelling, persuasive messages and plans.

We provide the link between the public and private sectors based on our extensive networks. We identify issues as well and opportunities that could affect our client's corporate interests.

Our Political Management Team offers:

> Strategic Issue Management and Political Counsel and advise in developing and executing effective political management strategies

> Snapshot of political economic issues on a regular basis containing data and analysis on executive policies, regulatory frameworks, legislative issues and developments critical to client interest

>Analysis of political and business dynamics that can affect the overall market environment in the Philippines as well as information on shifts in the political landscape and how this relates to client's specific concerns and interests

> Opportunity mapping for client success and mitigate business risks on critical political and policy initiatives